Miss V Candy brings new radio breeze

Miss V Candy brings new radio breeze. The beauty hosts a mid-morning show dubbed “Morning Galaxy” between 9am and midday every weekday. The show came on air on November 1 last year after Mai Judah, who resigned, passed the baton to Miss V Candy.

Star FM radio personality, V Candy, has brought a new “breeze” to mid-morning radio on the Zimbabwean airwaves. Speaking to H Metro, Miss V Candy said: “The Morning Galaxy is a whole radio experience as we say ‘let’s make your mid-morning radio a cruise into the galaxy’.

“It’s a holistic take on life as we endeavour to contribute to a person being wholesome in all areas of one’s existence. “Self-improvement is a conversation and theme that’s carried throughout the show.”

The refreshingly new show has kept some segments that featured on Mai Judah’s show “The Breeze” like the Advocate Arthur Marara with a Shot in the Arm and Bishop Musa with Soul Food.Miss V candy and Seh Calaz

It has brought new segments like “Money Mondays”, a practical guide to building and sustaining a business, and Wellness Wednesday, where there is a radio doctor in the studio, educating listeners about health, and also offering free consultation services.

She added: “It’s been a joy to be a part of this and I can say personally I have grown as I don’t just put on the hat of an anchor during this slot but I also put on the hat of a learner. “I love to learn new things and implement these life skills that, in some or most spaces, people pay to be told.Miss V candy and HolyTen

“As I mentioned, this is a holistic show, and it gives you a 360-degree angle of life with the right balance of all facets that make up who we are, and that includes entertainment.

“The entertainment value is there through the music, fun chit-chat we have and, of course, the big personalities we interview.”

Source – H-Metro

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