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Mobile vaccination increases vaccine uptake

Mobile vaccination increases vaccine uptake. Ten teams were deployed on the mass vaccination drive in and around Harare.  The mobile vaccination exercise, which was carried out by the Harare City Council last month, increased the vaccine uptake by 46,9 percent, H-Metro has learnt.

In a timeline released by the City council, mobile vaccination sites were set at Gulf shops next to Market Square in the CBD, Mbudzi Roundabout, Glen View shops, Warren Park D (PaMereki), Dzivarasekwa Extension, Newlands Shopping Centre, OK KaMunhu Shops, Makomva Shops and Tanaka Shops.

According to research obtained by health authorities, not only do unvaccinated Covid-19 patients make up more than 90 percent of Covid-19 hospital admissions, but also 88,9 percent of people who died from the pandemic. As of January 3, a total number 4 136 295 people had received their first Covid-19 jab while 3 147 659 received the second jab. HCC health department spokesperson, Dr Michael Vere, said the mobile vaccination campaign increased vaccine uptake in Harare.

“We started conducting the mobile vaccination campaign on 1 December 2021; the reason why we started this campaign was because there was low uptake of the vaccine in Harare,” he said.
“The low vaccine uptake was largely due to vaccine hesitancy among the people. “So far, the coverage has risen from 29 percent to 32,3 percent from December 1 to December 31.”

Dr Vere said they had set up 10 mobile vaccination teams.
“We have 10 mobile vaccination teams that are stationed in various areas, they change location depending on the schedules that we have come up with,” he said.

“The mobile vaccination campaign targets high volume areas and other busy places like the Mbudzi Roundabout, Market Square.
“Mobile teams contributed to the increase in vaccination uptake by 46,9 percent (1st dose) and 31,6 percent (2nd dose) in December.

“This is not a once-off thing. “We want to continue conducting these mobile vaccination campaigns because we have seen an improvement in the vaccination uptake.”

He said they were doing this together with their partners.
“We have different partners who have contributed immensely towards the vaccination campaign. “Population Solution for Health is providing vehicles and fuel for us to be mobile, WHO is also supporting us in the same vein, in terms of mobility.

“These have been helpful partners to us as they assist us in meeting certain targets that we would have set.” Dr Vere said that booster shots were also available at their mobile vaccination sites.

“The third dose is now available at all our units, we are prioritising the frontline health workers, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses,” he said.

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