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Motorists damage newly renovated road

Motorists damage newly renovated road. The contactor, CMED, had taken a break during the festive season when motorists chose not to wait for the roadworks to be completed. A snap survey by H-Metro revealed that the road was not ready for use when motorists started using it.

Unruly motorists in Chitungwiza rushed to use a stretch of road that was still under construction at Makoni Shopping Centre, causing extensive damage to it.

One motorist, Clive Zengene said he saw other motorists use the road. “I knew this road was being constructed but I saw other motorist use it so I thought the construction was done and I started using it as well,” said Zengene.

“I only got to know that construction was still underway today when I saw the contractors on the road; had I known that the road was not ready for use, I wouldn’t have used it?”Chitungwiza new road

Zengene said there were no detour roads or signs that showed that the road was not ready for use. “What I know is, when a road is being constructed, they create detour roads for motorist to use but in this case there were no detours,” he said.

“There was no proper signage to inform motorist of the development. I think next time they should establish more restrictive barricades and consider heavy penalties.”

In a statement, the local government authority said motorists removed barricades that had been placed on the road to allow the contractor, CMED to carry out the resealing works.

Chitungwiza Municipality spokesperson Lovemore Meya said CMED was removing the whole section which was disturbed before it was ready for use.

“The road was still under construction when motorists removed the stone boulders that barricaded the road,” he said.

“The contractor had stopped working on the road because of the Christmas holiday, so that’s when motorists removed the barricades and started using the road before it was complete.

Meya said the contractor (CMED) will redo the job by removing the whole stretch.

“The contractor has to remove the whole millind, add 13 millimetre stone, the construction of existing section to absorb excess bitumen and correction of spot bleeding,” he said.

New road

“It is more or less like they have to redo the process because when motorists started using that road it was still being constructed so a lot was damaged when it was in use.”

Meya urged motorists to use other road alternatives when the construction is underway. “We are pleading with motorists to use other roads up until the construction is done; we are going to set up detour signs for motorists,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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