New TV Station looking for a head of news

New TV Station looking for a head of news. Suitable candidates are invited to apply for the post of Head of News post that has risen at a new TV Station…

A new TV station is looking for a well-grounded, self-starter and experienced Head of News to lead its news production and reporting team.

The suitable and successful candidate for this top Editorial position will report to the Group Editor-in-Chief. The ideal candidate should possess the following competencies, attributes and values:

Must be a recognised team leader as the successful candidate will be accountable for news team outputs. Should be a proven professional whose knowledge, expertise and experience will be deployed to develop peers and subordinates.

Must have a full understanding of all aspects of news production. Should be able to oversee the production of quality, credible, non-partisan and broadcasting ready news packages.

To this end, the successful candidate must have excellent English and at least one other language skills. Will need to carry out regular performance appraisals and to act on them, while assisting news staff in career-pathing.

Should possess a good temperament and be able to work with other people well.

Closing date: Friday 28 January 2022

Source – Pindula News

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Luminista Dambusa’s much-talked outfit at the Nigerian Big boys wedding in pics. The popular socialite and businesswoman Luminista was on point at the famous roora day and wedding of fellow socialite and friend Allen. The wedding which was a green-themed colour for the outfits was one of the best weddings we will see in a long time.


Lumi is believed to have been the best-dressed attendant at the wedding. Many said so. Here are the pictures of the dress and some wise words from the socialite…Learn More.

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