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News anchor Lee Ann Bernard speaks after being accused of snatching husband

News anchor Lee Ann Bernard speaks after being accused of snatching husband. She posted her engagement with Mhofu recently much to the chagrin of social media hawks who branded her as a ‘hubby snatcher’. The outrage came after another woman using the username @ministermjolo claimed to be Mhofu’s lover and attacked Lee on Twitter.

Television news anchor, Lee Ann Bernard says she is unfazed by what people are saying about her relationship with her newly-found love, Lincoln ‘Mhofu’ Banyure. Others sided with her: In an exclusive interview, the Director of WINCOBRANDS said her life has become TV and she is not moved.

“My position in all this was to allow it to spill over because I am not a confrontational person. I sit back and watch. The only comfort I had was the reassurance from my fiancé.News Anchor Lee Ann Bernard

“Firstly, it did not come as a shock because she approached me with a ghost account using @ministermjolo and I asked her to go to her so called man because I was on the phone with him at 2.38 am.

“She requested to be added to the call and I told her his saying that you are his ex. “She sent me nasty messages showing that she was bitter with him and labelled him a useless man.

“I said thank you and blocked that account. She later sent more messages with her account now as Tracy justifying why they have problems in their relationship. “I said to her show me evidence of the marriage certificate and I will walk away gladly because a good name is better than riches,” she said.

Lee added: “She didn’t block me but a few days later she took to Twitter as seen circulating and she got the reaction she was looking for, to tarnish my image.

“My fiancé and I chose to remain silent because it would just fuel everything he insisted on posting her chats etc, I declined that and told him to let her be.

“The baby issue has not been resolved because judging from the chats exchanged amongst themselves she was refusing to go for a DNA insisting on getting married first.

“In SA to get her out of a hospital with a birth confirmation it needed a father and he agreed to that hence the birth card circulating.

“I have told him to clear the baby issue, if it is his child we will look after the baby but all this mess I cannot type on twitter to prove my Innocence to people who have concluded already based on her side of the story.

“I have kids too I know the pain of raising kids alone.” She spoke about the status of her relationship after being labelled a ‘hubby snatcher’.

“Regarding this issue I am not moved really because in life there’s one thing any human being has no control over and that’s the opening of other people’s mouthpiece or words towards you.Lee Ann Bernard Mhofu

“I am not defined by utterances and do not need validation from anyone either than myself. So they may use the darkest paint colour to paint me I am ok with it,” said Lee.

The outspoken said she is not moved by being called all sorts of names. “Let them be whilst I sip to My engagement, our life has become their TV just press play.”

Source – H-Metro

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