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NewsBae Rumbie Takawira’s sweet birthday letter to herself

NewsBae Rumbie Takawira’s sweet birthday letter to herself. We all know she was the reason why 50% of men watched News Hour when she was still the anchor of the news program. Her beauty made everymen enjoy watching the bulletin. Hence she got the name, NewsBae. She turned a year older yesterday and she penned a sweet birthday message to herself.

Happy birthday to me 😌

With growth comes responsibility and today as I celebrate 32 (read as 23 🤪) years of grace and blessings, I want to talk about an issue that otherwise hardly ever gets adequate attention. TEEN PREGNANCY!Rumbie Takawira

Zimbabwe is among the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa with a huge number of teenage pregnancies.

Just last night on the news there was a story of a 13-year-old who is pregnant and her family is disowning her and the man responsible ran away.Rumbie

With your support, help me assist this girl based in Beitbridge, lets ensure that she gets the assistance she requires and that work is done towards reducing the number of teen pregnancies in this country.

I understand this issue myself because I got pregnant and had my first child at 16. Young, in school, lost, not sure what the future will bring along with the stereotype, losing friends, being called names, the shame, the pain, and even the suicidal thoughts. It’s all too real.Rumbie

No one really cares to ask about the circumstances that lead to the majority of teen pregnancies and in most cases, families disown their children or get them married off to the guy. However, this is not always the best move for the girl child. Some young girls suffer abuses and further s.e.xual exploitation.Rumbie Takawira

Please get in touch with me or send suggestions if you have any means of assisting this teen mother, I will be providing more information in the next couple of days. She will need maternity clothes, baby clothes, pre-natal and post-natal assistance, and medical attention..

My birthday wish 🙏🏾

Source – Instagram

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