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Update: Zimbabwean father of four’s murder caught on camera

Update: Zimbabwean father of four’s murder caught on camera. The cold-blooded murder was captured on video camera. Cleopas Mukombeza (35) leaves behind a wife and four children. On the video, one can see a car blocking the now deceased’s vehicle and the incident is said to have occurred in the Yeoville area of Johannesburg. Cleopas was pulled out of his vehicle before being shot from close range.

A South African-based Zimbabwean was last Friday shot dead in Johannesburg by robbers who made off with his newly-acquired Mercedes Benz. The thugs even kicked his body before driving away with his Benz. Someone, though, was recording the incident from a distance. Some of the suspected killers, it was reported last night, have since been arrested.

Repeated efforts to talk to Mukombeza’s close relatives were fruitless yesterday. However, we managed to speak to his friend, who requested that he should not be identified, to protect him from the murderers who are still at large.

“The matter is still under investigation so no one really knows what really transpired,” he said. All we know is what we saw on the video that the police showed us and apparently the video is also circulating on social media. On the day that the incident happened, I had talked to him around 6.30pm and he said he was going to call me.”

The friend said he thinks the whole incident was a car-jacking incident which went horribly wrong. “Cleo was self-employed, he used to ferry executives, for example CEOs, managers and other people who did not want to travel by Uber, his business wasn’t Uber to be precise,” he said.

“He had just bought the Mercedes that he was using that night. “So, what I think is that it was a car-jack that went wrong because normally, in South Africa, if robbers try to take your car, and you fight back or look them in the face, they will kill you.

“Maybe, that is what might have happened.” He said the incident happened on Friday and they only got to identify his body on Monday.Cleopas Mukombeza

“When we noticed that Cleo was not with anyone we thought he would be with, we went to the police who said they had dealt with a murder case in Yeoville, Johannesburg,” he said. “We only managed to identify and verify that it was actually him on Monday morning at the mortuary.

“As his family, we still have a lot of questions as to what really transpired, but we haven’t been able to get answers because the matter is still under investigation.” He said some of the killers have since been arrested.

Source – H-Metro

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