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Watch Passion Java selling his yellow Lamborghini for just $USD1

Watch Passion Java selling his yellow Lamborghini for just $USD1. The controversial self-proclaimed Prophet has stunned social media again with his antics as his latest stunt is related to the formation of a new political party in the country.

We all know that Passion Java is a ZANU PF supporter and an admirer of President Emmerson Mnangagwa right? He is even helping the party to mobilise and influence youths to vote for Zanu PF come the 2023 elections. So this has made him a Zanu PF cadre which earned him a Vice President post of the current AAG executive board.

So yesterday Nelson Chamisa announced the name of his new party after dumping away the MDC Alliance name due to claims by MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora that they own the name MDC and didn’t any party to associate with the name.

So yesterday Chamisa and his team announced that they are going to be called the Citizens Coalition for Change and its main color from what we have seen is yellow. So this has led to Passion Java throwing away everything related to yellow that he has including his Yellow Lamborghini. Watch the video below

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Chaos as men find 3 C0ND0MS in a scud

Chaos as men find 3 C0ND0MS in a scud. The six, Garikayi Musakambeva, Sheppard Mahwande, Robson Nyamande, Josphat Nyamapfeni, Lazarus Venganayi and Alec Kamwaya were sharing the scud when they made the shocking discovery.

Scud C0ND0M

Six (6) imbibers in Karoi were left stunned after they found three C0ND0MS at the bottom of a beer container popularly known as a “scud”. The incident occurred at…Learn More.

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