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Drug addict abusing relatives

Drug addict abusing relatives. Musakiye and Barbra Samson approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against Godfrey Mhizha, 35. A Harare man has been abusing his aunt and uncle, whenever he takes drugs, a court heard.

Musakiye said whenever his nephew takes drugs, he starts to insult them. “We literally took care of him when his mother passed on but now he challenges me saying l should not tell him what to do because the house does not belong to me but my parents, who are his grandparents.

“If I buy my children some goodies, he takes them by force and if they ask him why, he starts to harass them, calling them names. “After taking his drugs, at one time he attempted to sleep with his aunt.”

Barbra, the second complainant, said: “He always insults me and also accuses me of killing his mother, who is my late sister. He also threatened to kill me countless times.”

Mhizha said he was not abusive but admitted to taking drugs. “I admit taking drugs, my aunt is the one who is abusive towards me because when she is drunk, she starts to insult me and my late mother. “She always tells me to go to my father’s relatives whom l don’t know, my mother’s family is all l have.

“At one time my cousin used my bedroom, which l inherited when my mother died, to sleep with her boyfriend there. “My room has traditional items that do not require such acts, those items are the ones that helped my uncle to get a job.

“As it stands, l don’t have a national identification card and l need assistance from them so that l can do things on my own.” Magistrate Sharon Mashavire ordered Mhizha not to harass his relatives and never to approach his grandparents’ house with the purpose of breaching peace.

Source – H-Metro

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