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Faith Nketsi responds to pregnancy reports

Mzansi Reality TV star Faith Nketsi and businessman Nzuzo Njilo set social media abuzz following their exquisite wedding that was held secretly.

The glamorous private wedding was held at Suitability Garden Venue in De Deur, Gauteng, this month.

Just after the wedding, rumors of her being pregnant made rounds on social media after her fans noticed she looked curvier and appeared to be pregnant in the wedding videos and pictures.

What sparked more media speculation concerning the pregnancy rumours were the comments made by Nketsi’s two close friends to a local publication.

As quoted by a local publication, one friend said:

She says that she will reveal her pregnancy as time goes on, the same way she has done with everything, including her lobola and wedding. She will reveal her baby bump as time goes on.

Another one said:

They will have a white wedding later. Mahlabisa in Setswana culture follows the lobola negotiations. They still have to follow the Zulu traditional paths, as Nzuzo is Zulu.

Faith has been declining invites to come out with us this week to congratulate her. She told us that she is pregnant and does not want to be seen in public yet.

However, the curvy Nketsi dismissed the above comments from a local publication, alluding that she never spoke to a local publication journalists but actually blocked the journo who reached her for a comment concerning the rumours.

Nketsi even shared the screenshots on her Instagram story in which she blocked a local publication journalists.

Faith Nketsi dismissing rumours of being pregnancy as well as talking to City Press journo Faith Nketsi dismissing rumours of being pregnancy as well as talking to City Press journo

Nketsi also shared video footage on her Instagram story shooting down the rumours, and showing off her ‘flat tummy’.

In the video clip she said:

Can you please stop with the pregnancy rumors, I am not pregnant. I am not planning to be pregnant anytime soon, I have gained a little bit of weight but geez its not that bad.


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