Over watch player builds motorized glove

Six years of playing Overwatch have taught me that PC players will always go above and beyond to earn the slightest advantage against the other team. Some will master every hero so they can fill any role, others will get so scary good at one particular hero that they can’t be beaten, and some will just install a few cheats. I thought I’d seen it all, until I witnessed a motorized Mercy player.

Last weekend, Overwatch streamer EvilToaster tweeted a video clip of his encounter with the strange Mercy player, Draco. He stood out from a usual Mercy player because, instead of periodically switching between his yellow healing beam and blue damage-boosting beam depending on a situation, Draco’s beam would rapidly cycle from yellow to blue hundreds of times per minute without stopping.

EvilToaster and his group were a little weirded out. “I’m not griefing dude,” Draco said. When asked later in the match how he was cycling abilities so quickly, Draco revealed his trick: a custom motor working in conjunction with a Logitech G502 mouse to spin his free-scrolling mouse wheel as quickly as possible.
Despite enthusiastic requests from the streamer, Draco didn’t initially share pictures of his motor-assisted mouse—an unsatisfying end to a fun encounter.

Source:  News365

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Rogue Legacy 2

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