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Faith Nketsi reveals how she met Nzuzo Njilo

Mzansi Reality TV star Faith Nketsi hogged the headlines when she married Nzuzo Njilo in a private ceremony. She has been trying to keep the relationship private throughout its course, only sharing what Nzuzo did for her. However, in a question and answer session on Instagram, the reality TV star shared the details about her relationship.

Faith asked her followers to ask her a question on her Instagram stories. Her fans went on a field day trying to milk as much information on her love life as possible. One curious follower asked Faith how she met her now-husband Nzuzo. Faith opened up that she met him through her best friend, Kim Kholiwe. Kim and Nzuzo were acquaintances, and Faith said her friend mentioned Nzuzo liked her.

Faith Nketsi

Nketsi narrates that she melted when Nzuzo got the chance to talk to her himself. According to the reality TV star, Njilo looked at her in a special way. They started dating after that, and she says she was afraid to tell Kim that they were now dating.

Faith Nketsi

Another follower asked Faith how she knew that Nzuzo was the one when they were dating. In response, she narrated how her husband took her mother, brother and herself to Durban for Mothers’ day. The man went all out planning activities that they did from morning till evening. She says that on the last night of the vacation, he took them to dinner and invited his family to join them.

Faith gushes about her man, saying that he is thoughtful and respectful. She says she knew that she could love him freely without being afraid. Fans asked more questions about their relationship, and her responses show that she is head over heels in love with her husband.


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