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ZIMSEC Yet To Pay Exam Markers

Teachers are considering putting in place a committee that will negotiate examiners’ contracts with the Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) as the council has delayed paying marking fees.

Teachers who marked last year‘s Grade seven, Advanced and Ordinary level examinations are yet to be paid with markers claiming that they were promised payment soon after completing the job.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president, Takavafira Zhou accused ZIMSEC of engaging in unfair labour practices. He said:

ZIMSEC is perpetuating cold, callous and calculated labour vandalism that ultimately will affect the credibility of our examination system, as more qualified and experienced examiners may not call for the marking exercise in future due to frustration.

Teachers are workers too, with rights that must be respected by anyone who wants their services. Even the line Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and government must intervene and call ZIMSEC to order.

Teachers are also considering putting in place a committee that should engage ZIMSEC on behalf of markers, and ensure that they are paid their dues by the time they finish marking, as ZIMSEC cannot be trusted to pay teachers timeously once they complete the marking exercise.

Zhou added that delays in paying teachers’ allowances meant that markers would get less than initially agreed considering that inflation is soaring in the country.

Meanwhile, teachers have urged workers across sectors to wear black on Friday to mark the death of the Zimbabwean economy.

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