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Drama as side chick wants things to be official between her & Amapiano star Daliwonga

Amapiano sensation Daliwonga has found himself making rounds on social media once the news of his second alleged girlfriend resurfaced on social media. According to SimzRight on Twitter, Daliwonga’s alleged girlfriend has taken to her close friend to share her man.

Another day another drama in the Twitter streets over Amapiano sensation who has won himself a number of fans in a short space of time since his debut. Daliwonga has found himself under the microscopic lens once the news of his new and alleged girlfriend named Mbalenhle has started to make rounds on social media.

In a video, the alleged new girlfriend is seen taking snaps with Daliwonga while in a conversation with someone she called her friend in the video, and rumor has Mbalenhle could not stay private anymore as she took it upon herself to introduce herself through her close friend to share her man, Daliwonga.

Daliwonga’s other girlfriend doesn’t want to be private anymore. She took to her Close Friends to share her man” wrote SimzRight

In a couple of snaps that has been shared on Twitter of Mbalenhle in a conversation with Daliwonga, tweeps are more convinced that the pair is actually dating. In another snap where Mbalenhle was confessing to her friend about their assumptions being correct, Mbalenhle goes to say keeping the relationship private was the only way for it to grow stronger.

“I found a best friend and decided to keep it on the low because y’all too opinionated. we could only grow stronger when no one knew about it. Anyway… CF some of your assumptions were accurate” wrote Mbalenhle.

daliwonga side chick

Although there has been new found videos of the pair talking, another damning screenshot from Mbalenhle was all that the tweeps needed to put two and two together surrounding this new alleged relationship, to know that it is actually real. In another snap from Mbalenhle, there is actually a message from Daliwonga telling her that he loves her.

daliwonga side chick

In another video Mbalenhle is seen as well as heard in a conversation with some of her friends in the house and Daliwonga can also be seen walking around in the background and this has put the final nail into the coffin that there is in fact in relationship between Daliwonga and Mbalenhle.

However, Daliwonga have been rumored to be dating another lady by the name of Tarryn. Both Daliwonga and Tarryn have been seen recently taking cute pictures together which sparked the relationship rumors. This could only mean one thing if indeed Daliwonga is actually dating both these ladies.

Daliwonga and Tarryn

Although Daliwonga have not come forward to clear the air about the alleged rumors of dating both Tarryn and Mbalenhle at the same time. However, tweeps have made their deductions and are more convinced that both the ladies are being dribbled by the amapiano sensation, Daliwonga.


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