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Drama as man busted with married woman & pretends to be a census enumerator

A man from St Peter’s area near Old Pumula suburb in Bulawayo was assaulted and injured after he was caught relaxing with a married woman by the woman’s husband.

It is alleged that Nqobile Dube returned home from work earlier than usual and found Arnold Tshuma, also from the same suburb, seated in the living room with his wife Samantha Sibanda.

Tshuma reportedly pretended to be a census enumerator as he had a phone tablet in his possession.

However, Dube became suspicious and demanded Tshuma’s identity card, to prove that he was indeed a census enumerator.

Tshuma is said to have started asking Sibanda (Dube’s wife) some questions but he failed to produce the identity card saying he had forgotten it at home.

Dube inspected the house only to find some empty beer bottles and an empty box of condoms behind a couch.

B-Metro reported a source as saying that after the discovery of the beer bottles and condoms a quarrel arose between Dube and Tshuma. Said the source:

For some time Tshuma was always visiting Sibanda whenever her husband went to work, but that day, he was unlucky.

When he was busted Tshuma pretended to be a census enumerator but he failed to produce an identity card to prove his claims.

That incensed Dube who also discovered some empty beer bottles and an empty box of condoms in the sitting room before he went out and took a thick wooden stick from his bedroom intending to assault Tshuma.

Sensing danger Tshuma bolted out of the house and fled towards a nearby bushy area.

Dube pursued him, caught up with him, and struck him several times all over the body.

Tshuma was left nursing injuries after he was beaten by Dube but he did not report the assault to the police.

Dube refused to speak to a local publication about the issue saying the matter is private and “doesn’t have anything to do with the Press”.

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