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Khuli Chana gives advice about funeral cover

Khuli Chana gives a thoughtful talk about the funeral cover on his Instagram account. The rapper said the topic might be difficult to converse with family and friends but it must be discussed before death comes knocking.

Khuli said it’s necessary that a person ensures that his/her family is well taken care of even after passing. I’ve cried so many tears,lost so many peers. Sooner or later,we need to have those uncomfortable conversations. Be it with ourselves,our partner,our friends and family,” the musician wrote.

“And with the daily reminder of how just how short and unpredictable life is, life and Funeral cover is a MUST HAVE.

“Not only for my loved ones but for myself too. It is my responsibility as a man to make sure that my family’s taken care of even after I die.

Source: News365

In other news – The Soil set to perform live at Emperors Palace

The Soil are set to take their revered live show to the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace on June 24 and 25. With the group’s Kasi-soul brand of music, which comprises contemporary township grooves blended with an array of genres like jazz, hip hop, Afro-pop, and soul, it’s set to be a musical experience of note.


The Soil
The trio, which is made up of Buhle Mda, Luphindo Ngxanga and Ntsika Fana Ngxanga, have chemistry not common on the musical scene thanks to their nearly 18 years of making music together. Learn more

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