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Photos of high school boys and girls having s.e.x flood social media

N#de pictures of learners engaging in se_xual activities at some high schools in Marondera that have gone viral on social media sites have raised concern in the community.

Stakeholders who include the Victim Friendly Unit (VFU) and churches are currently engaging school children at two secondary schools, Cherutombo and Nyameni, cautioning them against engaging in early se_x and spreading porn0graphic material.

Parents, officials from the VFU, pastors and the social welfare department, among other stakeholders went to one of the affected schools, Nyameni High School to engage learners over the dangers of engaging in early se_x.

The team is expected to engage learners at Cherutombo High School following reports that learners at the institution were engaged in nefarious activities such as leaking p0rn0graphic materials via social media platforms.

Cleric Clyde Tsiga who is leading the team told NewsDay that the move is expected to instill discipline in learners at Marondera schools.

“We want to reach out to all schools and raise awareness, promote mental health and champion on children’s rights issues. We realise that there are a number of issues that are not being addressed by families and communities and these push factors give birth to juvenile delinquency and criminality,” Tsiga said.

“There is a need to be proactive, and re-instil lost norms and values in communities so that we suppress crimes before they are committed,” he added.

Marondera residents have been outraged by photos of learners in compromising positions spreading on social media. Some residents even approached the Primary and Secondary Education ministry calling for the suspension of school authorities for failure to rein in school children.


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