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Prophet Passion Java makes fun of Zimbabwean Men

PROPHET Passion Java is a man mired deep in controversy; his life is a bewildering case of extreme ironies that make many people question whether he fits the moral compass of a real man of God or if he is just there to make fun of people and joke about everything.

Passion Java

Passion Java is no new face in the limelight, especially regarding matters about religion and wealth. He lives one of the most glamorous lifestyles and has never been shy to flaunt his wealthy lifestyle online. It has sparked controversy, as many people are questioning how he accumulated his wealth.

Prophet Passion Java

Inini Twabam na Mudiwa hood na Robert Mugabe jr tisu top three yevarume wanogeza mu Zimbabwe vamwe vese kopo.  His Statement clearly says all Zim men do not bath and they don’t look smart enough.

In other news – Jonathan Moyo castigates political parties funded by foreign forces

Former Zimbabwe Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has reportedly has castigated political parties that are funded or capacitated by any foreign government to contest elections or grab political power.


This comes a day after Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s leader Nelson Chamisa and his delegation. Learn more

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