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#JusticeforLivingStone: Angry Zim parents demand justice for teen who is missing since December 2021

A St Mathias Tsonzo high school student in Mutare has been missing since 6 December 2021.  Devasted mother said her son was an alleged suspect of a break-in at the school tuckshop. This resulted in the school authorities and police manhandling him and brutally wiped him in front of the whole school before taking him to the police station.

The parent only got to know when his little sister phoned the mother who was in South Africa. The mother had to travel back home but upon arrival, she realized her son has been missing.
7 months later Livingston is still missing. We and the rest of Zimbabweans demand answers from the school authorities as soon as possible.

In other news – S.e.x workers use bread packs as Condoms

The price of condoms in Zimbabwe is so high, a three-pack will cost you about the same price as the minimum wage domestic workers take home, local media reported last week.


If that’s not disturbing enough, according to local media, s.e.x workers in the country are allegedly having to resort to using bread packets as contraception as the price of condoms and basic essentials continues to rise. Learn more

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