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Big Brother Mzansi’s Thato says YES to Gash1

Judging from the screenshots circulating on social media, these two would really make a great husband and wife, and make cute babies!

Big Brother Mzansi season three is the season that keeps on giving. From now Gqom up and coming musician Themba, to his relationship with season three winner Mphowabadimo. To the relationship of runner-ups Gash1 and Thato being another Couple Goals to have come out from the latest season. Now it seems that the two are officially engaged after screenshots of the engagement have begun circulating on social media. But who is rumoured newly engaged couple and how long have they been dating?

Who is Gash 1?


Gershwin Mthombeni, popularly known as Gash1, is a model, fashion designer and entrepreneur who hails from Pretoria. His big break came as one of the contestants chosen to be part of the returning third season of Big Brother Mzansi in 2022. Gash1 would capture the hearts of fans for his cool, calm demeanor throughout the season, along with his chiseled model body.

He would place as the first runner-up for season three. Following the conclusion of BBMzansi, Gash1 had shared his plans for the future by stating that, “Prior to the show, I had mentally prepared myself of what will happen before and after the show. I also plan on building a future with Thato and see where my entrepreneurial skills take me.”

Who is Thato?


Thato Mokoena, or Thato Immaculate, is a 28-year-old who hails from Johannesburg. Stating her occupation as a content creator, actress and accountant. But before even making it into the Big Brother house, Thato was already popular for her dancing and presenting videos with over 600 000 followers on TikTok. To be part of Big Brother, where she would find love, Thato left her job in pursuit of the R2 million. Although she did not win nor place in the top three, she did find love with Gash1.

Talking to New24, the reality star shared that, “I was there for 9 out of 10 weeks and finding love is something I didn’t expect at all. He is not the kind of guy I usually go for, but love is love I guess.” Adding that, “It was all real for me. I don’t believe that Gash was playing a game with me, and that’s what my heart told me. He let his guard down and would sacrifice the game when speaking to me and I did the same. I am yet to see if he was playing me after he wins the R2 million. If he was, then his loss.”

BBMzansi’s Thash1: Gash1 & Thato Engaged

Therefore, it makes it all the sweeter to hear the news that in just over three months, give or take, that the two reality stars have been dating. It has proven enough for Gash1 to know that Thato is the one for him. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, 11 June 2022, Thato shared being surprised with a date with her Thash1 aunties by her beau. But the stories end when the two were still dining.

But Thato did host a live, and social media users and fans lost their minds (and screengrabbed) the alleged engagement when Thato said, “yes.” To celebrate, Thato was showered with gifts by her new fiance which filled the hotel room where they are seemingly still celebrating their new engagement.


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