How did Jesse Lingard resuscitate his career at West Ham?

Jesse Lingard is a famous English footballer, who is familiar to most from the matches for Manchester United. By the way, you can find out the Red Devils’ results football on the sports statistics website. The team’s games are covered here not only in the EPL, but also in other tournaments.

Lingard has long been considered young and promising. He could produce great matches, but it was difficult to count on him as a long-range team leader. The player’s playing time was reduced to a minimum with the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjær, so Jesse decided to revive his career in the winter of 2021. He moved on loan to West Ham. By that time, many had already written him off and did not expect something revolutionary from this transfer. Moreover, you can watch results of current football matches of the team on the sports statistics website.

Lingard was able to demonstrate all his strongest qualities in the Hammers’ camp to the surprise of the fans. He played 16 games for the team and scored nine goals in the second half of the 2020/2021 season. It’s quite a good indicator. In addition, West Ham managed to finish in the European Cup zone largely thanks to Lingard’s efforts.

It seemed that after a successful lease Manchester United would sell the player to the Hammers. However, his transfer did not take place in the summer of 2021. He then spent another season at the club without much success and then left the team on the rights of a free agent.

What helped Lingard have such a good period at West Ham?

There was initially little hope for Lingard at West Ham. Hardly anyone would have guessed that he would become the team’s true leader in the second half of the 2020/2021 campaign. By the way, if you missed any of the yesterday football, then go to the sports statistics website, and the actual results will be in front of you like in the palm of your hand.

If highlighting the main factors of Lingard’s successful performance with the Hammers, it is worth mentioning:

  1. Trust from the head coach. David Moyes quickly made the footballer a player in the starting line-up. He gave Lingard regular practice and helped him out of his psychological problems.
  2. Good understanding with partners. For example, he played well together with Mark Noble, Michael Antonio, Tomas Soucek and other West Ham stars.
  3. Great speed.
  4. Motivation. Lingard wanted to prove to himself that he could still decide the outcome of important matches, when playing for West Ham.

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