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Sangoma and 2 others arrested for digging up graves

Three people including a sangoma have been arrested after they were allegedly found digging up graves in Mabopane, Tshwane. They were allegedly looking for dead people’s bones for muthi purposes.

Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) spokesperson Isaac Mahamba said their officers received complaints from security guards working the night shift at a graveyard about people digging up graves The officers responded swiftly and rushed to the graveyard, said Mahamba.

“Upon arrival, they found three people inside the grave, digging. When the suspects were questioned, they could not account for what they were doing and where they got the permission to dig up the graves.

“Among the three was a sangoma. The suspects tried to offer a bribe of R1 500. They were allegedly looking for dead people’s bones for muthi purposes. They were then arrested for violation of graveyard regulations, malicious damage to property and bribery.

“Well done to the TMPD members. The TMPD will continue to combat crime in Tshwane,” Mahamba said.

Source: Bulawayonews

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Prophet w Magaya

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