Shadhaya Makes fun of Zim ladies

Ladies, you’re in your 20s, no kids & already your pxssy is under your belly. You walk a little & you’re already breathing heavily & sweating profusely like a thief being chased. These are the results of chopping guys money from one restaurant to another.

Guzzling ciders from one bar to another, thinking you’re a clever girl, chopping other people’s sons’ money not knowing your greed is making your tummy big. Wearing high waist jeans won’t make the tummy disappear. Neither is wearing a corset.

Zim ladies
Using your handbag to cover it won’t make it disappear as well. Even putting waist beads on it won’t make it attractive. After all during s.e.x, it’ll be very distracting, consider the missionary position, that tummy is shaking like a drum of water that guju guju sound.

Zim ladies
You bend her for doggy & that tummy drops like a bag of beans. Don’t get me started on the smell, yes they always smell, because they always pollute, because of too much chop chop. They are a combination of sweat & faeces.

Zim ladies

Of cause, this is the party they’ll cry body shaming but the truth is with discipline, dieting & working out they can change their bodies, but they’re too lazy to do so.

Zim ladies

They comfort themselves with body positivity by calling themselves “thick, big boned, plus sized”.

In other news – Former Police Chief, Augustine Chihuri was better – Temba Mliswa

Outspoken Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa has slammed the Zimbabwe Republic Police for incompetence under Godwin Matanga while saying the former Police Chief, Augustine Chihuri was better.

Temba Mliswa

Mliswa made the remarks yesterday in parliament during a question and answer session. Rising on a point of order, the ever vibrant lawmaker said the current surge in crime was due to lack of control and discipline within the police force. Learn more

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