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Zim man arrested for smuggling explosives into SA

A thirty three year old man was arrested on Saturday at the Beit bridge border post. He was arrested at approximately 01:30 as he crossed from Zimbabwe into South Africa. This arrest was part of police efforts to stop illegal goods being smuggled into South Africa.
While searching his truck police found commercial explosives hidden inside four bags. Members of the Musina explosives unit attended the scene and 3 reels of detonating cord and at least 769 units of blasting cartridges were confiscated.
While it’s not stated exactly what these were meant to be used for, there are a few very serious implications to it.
The first and most serious implication of this is a terror attack. While terrorist attacks occur in many parts of the world, we don’t often hear about them in South Africa. However if this criminal is a terrorist, it’s a good thing that he was caught, as lives could have taken in his attack and property could be destroyed. Making South Africans feel unsafe.
Just as bad as a terrorist, this man could have been a weapons trader who was hoping to sell these items in our Country. If he had succeeded, regular South Africans would have been walking around with these kinds of explosives, creating a unsafe situation for the people around them.
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