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Allanah ZW looks amazing in these photos

Allanah ZW celebrated her birthday yesterday and she was looking good as always. She took to social media to share her amazing photos with a caption “I wish To remember the purpose in pain and become the greatest version of myself. Happy Birthday to the most amazing person I know, I myself! …🎂🥂”

Allanah ZW is a  singer and musician who rose to fame in the past few months mainly through a makeover Marshall Munhumumwe’s 1988 “Rudo Imoto” song. She later made another emotive rendition of Obert Chari’s Mebo on a reggae tip which stole many Reggae lovers hearts by surprise.
Every week she used to hold gigs in various spots around Harare including performances at Evitro club in Belgravia where she held shows every Wednesday and Sunday.
She later teamed up with the ever growing Dancehall sensation Poptain on the club banger Fadza Mutengi this year that saw her name inscribed on the Zimdancehall books of history.
Popular for her perfectly packaged rendition performances, she has made a name for herself through unmatched powerful vocal abilities.
Her flexible vocal ability will keep her as one of the baddest female acts in the Zimdancehall circles.
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