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Chamisa asks Zanu PF not to abuse our heroes

Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa has criticised government for conferring hero statuses to Zanu PF party members only, saying national heroes should not bear allegiance to any political party.

In his Heroes Day statement yesterday, Chamisa applauded national heroes for their sacrifice in liberating the country, but said war veterans should not allow themselves to be used in “dirty work” by politicians.

“We salute all our heroes and veterans dead and living, who sacrificed to birth our great nation. We owe it to our heroes and posterity to preserve and crusade the ideals of social justice, an abiding culture of human rights and a gratifying socio-economic order,” he tweeted.

“Each nation has its struggles to be fought and won. Each generation has its heroes who pay the ultimate sacrifice to transform society for the better. National heroes sacrifice for a country, not an organisation or a political party. Heroes are Zimbabwean heroes, not partisan.

“Our memory of our great heroes should not sink or be reduced into sentimentality and platitudes. Heroes don’t beat, harass, maim and murder people for politicians.”

While the CCC did not attend the Heroes Day commemorations yesterday, CCC party interim national organizer Amos Chibaya said they would attend today’s Defence Forces Day.

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