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Mai TT and Tinashe Maphosa reconcile

Mai TT and her husband Tinashe Maphosa have reconciled following a fallout over money.

There was speculation that Mai TT and Tinashe Maphosa’s marriage had run its course. Mai TT did Facebook live videos pouring her heart out and disclosed that she was heartbroken and regretted marrying her United States-based husband.

In a post on Facebook, Mai TT announced that there was no way they were going to get divorced considering the amount of money they invested in their wedding.

Mai TT wrote:

Imagine producing 100k pamutato
Kuhire Kelly Khumalo
Kutengerwa mutho neZbc
Kupindana nekumita nekubroka
Kurovana, kutukana, kusungsana, kusunga kuonda, kusungisana
Tozorambana after 3 months
Hondo yacho yinenge yakasika kupera

The Maphosa’s Season 1.

The reunion comes as a surprise considering Mai TT had made some damaging claims against her husband including mocking him on social media.

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