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Diesel thieves caught in act stealing from a truck

Four suspects were caught in the act stealing diesel from a truck in Parow. They were among the more than 200 suspects caught by the City of Cape Town’s enforcement agencies in the past week.

The suspects, who were nabbed by traffic officers just after 4am on Monday, were immediately arrested. According to the mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, the suspects were caught in the act while the truck driver was asleep in the vehicle.

He said the suspects had siphoned off approximately 125 litres of diesel by the time traffic officers arrived. Smith said the officers recovered a large number of drums and pipes used to extract diesel and the vehicle used by the suspects, a Toyota Quantum, which had no number plates, was impounded.


The suspects, aged from 26 to 39, were arrested and taken to Parow police station where they are being held.

“While the fill-up-and-dash phenomenon is not new, this type of incident is something else, and was an incredibly opportunistic and dangerous thing to do.

“Even if the suspects had gotten away, travelling with large amounts of fuel in makeshift containers would have been very risky,” Smith said.

“While it’s difficult to speculate on the motive, it’s likely that the cost of fuel was a factor. Mercifully, the truck driver wasn’t hurt. In light of this incident, we call on the trucking industry, and motorists in general, to please be alert at all times.”

In the past week, Traffic Services arrested 110 motorists of which 94 were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and 16 for reckless and negligent driving.

Officers recorded 67 047 traffic violations, impounded 159 public transport vehicles and executed 1 637 warrants of arrest.

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