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Actor Ernest Msibi’s wife speaks on how broke he was when they met

Actor Ernest Msibi’s wife, Nana Zondi, caught the attention of the cast of Queens of Mzansi when she revealed how broke her husband was when she met him.

Queens of Mzansi premiered on SABC1 on Monday night.

Nana, a businesswoman, got married to the former Yizo Yizo actor in 2021.

She told the cast members that when she met Ernest, he was broke.

She was responding to the other cast member Paloma “Lolo” Mlunjwana’s statement that she wouldn’t date broke men because she grew up in a wealthy family.

Nana then came in, disagreeing with what Paloma was saying.

Nana told the queens that she wouldn’t choose money over love.

She said when her parents separated, she witnessed her mother financially suffering.

“I know the difference of having money and not having it. I’m married to an actor and he was down and out when I met him. He was broke.

“He told me that the only thing he managed to buy with his Yizo Yizo money was a house. From then on, things didn’t go well. He would get small roles and it was hard,” said Nana.

Ernest Msibi and Nana Zondi

She told the queens how she helped her husband financially.

“I’m a businesswoman. He came with love and I came with money,” said Nana.

Paloma felt attacked by Nana, saying that if it was before, she would have attacked her back.

The queens also noticed that Nana was not wearing her ring even though she said she was married.

They also expressed the fact that they didn’t know her husband.

This is after she said that boyfriends didn’t cheat, only married men cheated.

“If she is still a boyfriend and gets another girlfriend, that’s not cheating. He is still looking for a wife.

“But if a married man knows that Nana will leave me when I cheat, he won’t do it,” said Nana.

That was when the queens said that she didn’t know what she was talking about and regarded her as “unmarried” as she didn’t wear her wedding ring.

Talking to the publication, Nana said she’d always support her husband because of the pure love he was giving her.

“Wearing the ring is not an issue. A ring doesn’t define our love and happiness. I’m happily married and I wear the ring when I feel like it,” she said.


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