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Jackie Ngarande threatens to commit suicide in a live video

Harare socialite Jackie Ngarande has threatened to commit suicide saying that she has been in a toxic situation for a long time.

Ngarande made a Facebook live on Wednesday morning crying uncontrollably, in a quavering voice and saying some people in her life were failing to forgive her.

In the 25 minute Facebook live, she said she was being accused of the things she don’t even know of.

“I forgave myself but there are people who keep on reminding me about what I did. I have tried everything but failed. I can show you the messages I send trying to apologise, I called Mainini Chido and told her that I have failed,” she pitifully said.

Ngarande ended the live video after a lady (voice) entered the room she was in. The lady started asking what was wrong.

And she responded: “Mama I failed. No one listens to me”.

Before the live video Ngarande had posted a  very touching post saying

“I have been in a very abusive and toxic situation for the past 1 year , I feel like committing suicide today💔💔💔💔💔
My brother Fortune knows ,I have tried my best,
Patience and Blessed know I have tried my best .
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