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Killer T’s bodyguard commits suicide over a woman

On Thursday reports that Tafadzwa Michael Mutaguta circulated on social media. Though there were scarce details regarding the sudden death rumours are that he took his life because his wife cheated on him.

He was married to Benjamin Chihota’s younger sister .

A friend of his took to social media to share the sad news with a caption

“I woke up in a very joyful and happy mood until I received news of the passing of this young man. I knew this boy from Mbare somehow he was related to my cousins there, he liked me so much, he would say Kule come let me get you your Jameson everytime we met and unfortunately it was always at funerals.
I am distraught mostly because he committed suicide and the reason is something we discussed at length. His wife cheated.
We discussed this at length at one funeral, me, Killer T, him and Supa Yut.
We all agreed women cheat just like men do it’s just that they rarely get caught we all agreed or I thought so.
Gentleman this boy was a good one. I knew him personally and most Zim Dancehall artists knew him and his works.
You see all those men who get cheated on? They are neither poor nor dumb, its just their day of reckoning. You see that person you look into and think is your world. One day they might want to leave you and with everything you have worked for. Listen to me and listen good. The day you get cheated on which will surely come go home to your mother/father someone close. Don’t make erratic decisions because that person will get married again long after you are buried.
Rest Easy Sonny”
The death of Mutaguta has shocked many Zimbabwean artist.
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