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Man killed by girlfriend’s jealous ex

A man identified as Sean was killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend of the woman he is dating. It happened yesterday in Summer Greens Cape Town.

The accused Tinashe is said to have stolen a car then followed Sean and the girlfriend . These two were also walking on the pavement with a kid and the accused drove the car and run them over.

He drove back and run over the guy 3 times and he died on the spot. THe girlfriend and the kid have been taken to the hospital but sadly they both passed on.

Two other people were injured in this incident. The guy then went and park the car at Century City mall.

Fortunately, he was caught, and he was beaten too bad by the mob. He was then handed over to the police and is now under arrest. Rumours say the girl had broken up with Tinashe because he was violent but Tinashe was not ready for the break up.

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