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Video: Mai TT reveals she sold her car to support Obina

In a video doing rounds on social media, Mai Titi real name Felistas Maruta has revealed that she sold her Benz to support ex husband Charles Obina Ugwa also known as Mr Obina.

Mai Titi and Obina started dating and got engaged soon after her nasty divorce with United Kingdom based musician Zizoe.

When Mai Titi broke up with Obina she suggested that she could even help the police catch him.

“If he is a con man, if I catch him I will give him over to the police because we did not con together. If he killed someone I will catch him, and I will give him to the police, at the moment I don’t have him, please don’t look for Obina here; he is not here, here I have got my sisters and the movie cast that is what we are doing,” she said.

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