Inside Winky D live performance in Kadoma

Winky D, born Wallace Chirumiko is a Zim reggae-dancehall artist, known popularly as “The Big Man”, and also known as Dancehall Igwe, Gaffa, Ninja President, Professor, Extraterrestrial etc. He is often considered the Zimdancehall pioneer and one of the most accomplished modern Zimbabwean music artists

The gaffa president on Saturday 13 August performed live in Kadoma at Odyssey. Winky performed right after Baba Harare had left the stage.

As soon as the Gaffa stepped on the stage the crowd which was on the ordinary side broke the fence and rushed to the VIP side so they can be close to the stage.

Winky gave a flawless performance and fans were happy to see him perform. He has been involved in the music industry since 1999. Winky D insists that he does not match or surpass anyone as an artist, he says that his inspiration comes from the challenges of poverty that people face on a daily basis.

Winky D or one of his many monikers Gaffa is no new performer at the Odyssey in Kadoma. He posted a rallying Tik-Tok visual to romp up support for the jamming.

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