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Good news for Zandie Khumalo

Zandie Khumalo signs a deal with the Content Connect Africa (CCA) company. CCA welcomed her into the family and announced on social media.

“Welcome Zandie Khumalo to the CCA family. The singer who is excited about the deal commented on the post with, “Thank u so much, so excited to be part of the family….. let’s work .

zandie khumalo

CCA will hence be fully in charge of distributing Zandie’s songs and videos digitally; also marketing and help to manage her music career.

“The core of CCA’s offering is digital distribution of audio and visual content and through a seamless and specialized technical process, music and videos are submitted, digitized and ingested to platforms that deliver content products to millions of consumers across the World,” extracted from CCA website

Source: News365

In other news – SK Khoza embarks on a spiritual journey

SK Khoza has announced that he has embarked on a spiritual journey as he looks to open a new chapter of his life. The star trended for the wrong reasons on social media a few months ago and it seems like he is ready to do all it takes to make things right.

SK Khoza

A few days ago, SK also bagged a new deal with ‘The Black Door’ and now he has revealed that he is ready to leave it all in the past, and was looking forward to what is in store for him in the future. Learn more

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