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Zanu PF MP in trouble with human rights

Znnu PF Matobo South legislator Soul Ncube who went viral on social media after  he shared a picture of him stepping on a woman’s chest while holding has landed himself in trouble with human rights.

Ncube claimed that the woman was one of the suspects linked to a gang that had stolen his car.

But human rights activists have strongly condemned his actions saying they were uncalled for because he had no right to take the law into his hands.

Social commentator Effie Ncube said: “The picture demonstrates the unbecoming behaviour of a Member of Parliament. Therefore, he should be fired from Parliament and sent to maximum security prison where he and those who behave like him belong. Public officials are expected to be repositories of the highest standards of good behaviour. They must respect human rights and never take the law into their own hands. What the MP did was not just gross violation of human rights and lawlessness, but it was also gender-based violence.”

Ncube said people of such behaviour should not be allowed to possess guns.

“If his gun is licensed, then he must lose the licence. Maybe he is too Zanu-PF to face the consequences. He is cultured in violence and lawlessness and he knows that his behaviour enjoys the protection of the party.”

Efforts to get a comment from the MP were fruitless.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police in Matabeleland South were investigating the matter.

“We are yet to get a briefing from the officer commanding Matabeleland South,” Nyathi said.

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