Mai TT claims Tinashe Maphosa is hiring people to attack her

Drama involving controversial comedienne, Mai Titi and her estranged husband Tinashe Maphosa continues and latest developments have established that the ex husband has been hiring aide to insult Mai TT.

One Tom Jones who once made waves on social media a few days ago after ruthlessly ripping into Mai titi has let the cat out of the bag and confessed that Maphosa hired him to attack her for a fee of US$500.

He revealed that they ended up falling out after he failed to pay the entire agreed amount.

Reacting to the news, Mai Titi wrote;

You stole from me drowned me in debts paying people to insult me left right and centre whilst you pretend to be quiet 😭😭😭😭😭😭. What did I do to you ? Why did you choose me to kill? Follow Tom Jones how he was called and bribed to insult me , I never knew this man until today he confessed. How many people have you paid ? What else are you planning for me ? 😭😭😭😭May the God I pray to revenge for me . You can’t pay the debts but you can afford bloggers you can’t return my $30k but you can afford people to turn against me for no reason

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