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Man arrested after being caught with 17 goats in his Honda Fit

A Seke man has landed in the dock for allegedly stealing 17 goats and packing them in his Honda Fit.

Bloodwell Mbariro, 31, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate, Yeukai Dzuda.

The court heard that on September 9, three police officers from CID Highlands were on surveillance, along Glenara Avenue, when they saw Mbariro and four accomplices, who are still at large, parked by the roadside.

They were sitting outside the car.

The police observed that there were goats packed inside the car.

After seeing the police, they ran away and a chase ensued.

Mbariro was caught but his accomplices managed to get away.

Mbariro failed to give a satisfactory answer as to how he had come to be in possession of the goats, resulting in his arrest.

The goats were handed over to the SPCA for safekeeping.

The goats have a value of $300 000.

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