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Missing woman found dead under neighbour’s bed

A Cape Town mom’s decomposed body was found under the bed of her neighbour who had been helping search for her.

Annelise van Rooyen 33, had been missing since April 24.

Jaun-Paul van der Westhuizen, 32, allegedly mislead the family by saying he saw her in different places.

The decomposing body of the victim was found when the accused’s brother was looking for stolen items.

While speaking to cops, Van der Westhuizen allegedly incriminated his friends Florenzo Steyn, 31, and Marshall Baartman, 27.

They all appeared on a murder charge in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

The prosecutor read the docket in court: “The deceased went missing in April, and she was found on 19 September.

“Her body was under the bed of accused number one. It was decomposed. Accused number one made an admission to the captain that the deceased went to his home with accused two and three to smoke. He wanted to have sex with the deceased who tried to run; they strangled her and then put her under the bed.”

The State has indicated that they are opposing bail for all accused. The victim’s mom, Marlene, 53, says: “This man has been coming to home, I treated him like a son.

“He helped us with the search and he would come to me and tell me that he saw Annie in Wynberg and other places and all along he knew what he did.”
The heartbroken mom says her daughter was last seen walking to a nearby shop.

Marlene also said that her daughter had a mental illness.

“She had a mind of a child, if you complimented her top, she would have taken it off.

“Jaun-Paul took advantage of that and took her away from her 16-year-old son.”

Police spokesperson Wesley Twigg had confirmed that cops are investigating a murder case.

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