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Minnie Dlamini sets the record straight on her skincare products

Minnie Dlamini has finally addressed why her skincare products have been taken off the shelf. Earlier this month, the star launched her new lifestyle lounge, The Mansion and many of her family and friends came together to celebrate with her.

However, it was reported that the skincare company had outstanding tax returns and owed money to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Minnie had to come make things clear as during her interview with YouTuber Nono D on Tuesday 20 September, she revealed that the company had to be liquidated.

Minnie Dlamini
“Things happen, you work with people…Doesn’t always end well. But yeah, it was a great learning curve for me and with everything that happens in life, I always say that it is a learning curve and an opportunity to learn how to do things better,” she explained.

“That experience taught me what retail space looks like. Who are the people that make the most money. You know, we get so excited about owning equity and owning a brand, but that might not necessarily be where the money is.


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