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University of Zimbabwe in fees shocker

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) has increased its fees by a staggering 1 000%, provoking an outcry among students.

Students will now have to pay nearly US$1 000 or equivalent in local currency per semester.

According to the new fee structure, students are required to pay up to $500 000 from around $50 000 depending on their faculty, which is equivalent to US$900 at the interbank rate.

Students pursuing a Master’s degree will have to fork out up to $1 million. Students are expected to pay the fees by September 30.

Zimbabwe National Students Association president UZ branch, Lenox Machoko told NewsDay that students were outraged by the “ridiculous” hefty tuition fees.

“We are deeply disappointed by the recent astronomical fee hike imposed by the university administration,” Machoko said.

“The amounts that the university is demanding students to pay are ridiculous and out of this world. As students we want to unequivocally state that this increment is unacceptable.”

Machoko accused the university management of being out of touch with reality.

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