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Ammara Brown is thankful for #Svoto Response

Ammara Brown

Ammara Brown is thankful for #Svoto Response. The beautiful Singer who is now based in South Africa took to Instagram where she had lots to say with a nice picture…

Ammara Brown

Ammara Brown said: “Gamorning #Ammartia, I’m still going through your comments and responses from yesterday. Honestly, I’m grateful. The support and belief from you is strong as ever. So smile, you’ve already made my day☺️ 🦋 And I’ve got great news for us, #Svoto has passed the 250K mark and is back sitting at #2 on trending. You did that !!! 🦋

Which actually got me thinking of how much more I’m hoping to do in my own life and career. I guess part of preparing for #AmmartiaIgnite is keeping one eye on what I’d love to achieve long beyond this show. 🦋 In the next three years I’d really love to spend at least three months in East Africa learning the kora. Outside of the big concerts and music videos, I’m really a musician at my core. And that means a hunger to learn and keep growing. 🦋

God-willing and with the right team around me, I want to be the biggest female musician on the continent. I want to work with the very best of the best, and by all means, I want to be one of the best. 🦋 And if when it’s all said and done I’ve managed to raise my beautiful son, protect and provide for my family, and prove that it’s possible to be a financially successful musician from Zimbabwe . . . I’ll be satisfied. I’ll be even happier than I am now.

I’m happy because as daunting as the #AmmartiaIgnite task ahead may seem, I’m grateful for the person I’ve become in getting here to this point. 🦋 See you on the 30th of Nov. at Glamis Arena. Be on time #Ammartia. Cos I promise you I will be. 💖Click the link in my bio to get your tickets to #AmmartiaIgnite💖”

We like that she is thanking all her fans for the support and we wish Ammara all the best on her next project!

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