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Ammara Brown is thankful with latest picture

Ammara Brown
Ammara Brown

Ammara Brown is thankful with her latest picture on Instagram. The Akiliz hitmaker took to social media where she poured her heart out and was feeling all thankful. As always she was looking great but it’s her words that really got our attention.

Ammara Brown
Ammara Brown

She said: “Today I just wanna give thanks 🙏🏽
I’m grateful for my son. He’s my sun. Khameel is constantly restoring my faith in humanity. 💖

I’m grateful for my sisters. Devona, Chengeto, Keliah and Zameera. They are my best friends in the world, my confidantes. My safe place. 💖

I’m grateful for my little brothers. Alex, Ushe, Jason, Andy Jr and Al. They’re always growing in leaps and bounds and remind me how nurturing masculine energy can be. 💖

I’m grateful for my spiritual parents. I consider each of them God’s gift to me as an orphan. Uncle Fayaz, Aunty Fatima. Aunty Nozipo, and Pastor Arthur. They’re consistently checking on my growth, not just mentally and financially, but spiritually as well. It’s always important to remember we are spiritual beings on an earthly journey. 💖

I’m grateful for my team. Don Khabana, Chido Musasiwa, Tehn, Travor Musariri, Lowy, John Cole, and my band. They’re always encouraging and bring their A-game whenever Ammartia needs to IGNITE. 💖

I’m grateful for all my gifts of creativity. From singing to composing, and acting to script writing, these gifts allow me the room to connect with thousands of people and contribute to the rebranding of Africa, to the restoration of the beauty in humanity.💖

I’m grateful for Gods favour. He keeps opening new doors for me and protects me in every realm. More importantly, He shows me what true love embodies.💖

We like that she is thankful to all the people in her life and she took the moment to say thank you. It didn’t end there, today is Ammara Brown’s sister’s birthday and she had this to say with this picture.

Devona Brown
Devona Brown

“It’s my big sister’s birthday @devona_brown 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
Home is where the heart is. When we were growing up we didn’t have the luxury of hugging each other everyday. We lived in 2 opposite sides of the country, other times the world. Fast forward and you’re all the way in NZ, and my hub is Africa. Over the years you have shown me that distance means nothing. You have shown up for me as a sister and as a friend in a way I treasure so much. 

You’ve learned my ins and outs and continue to do so, when no one else knows where to start. Your crazy sense of humor and your humble nature is a beautiful swirl of bliss to experience. Every video call is the perfect get away, and I cannot put a price tag on it.

Daddy would be so proud of the person, career and family woman you have become. I pray for the day I can hug you at leisure. You spirit is fiery, your body is saucy and your laugh is contagious! You are love. I hope you’ve had an amazing bday❣ Here’s to the sisterhood, everlasting 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 I love you sisi #FamilyFirst”

Happy Birthday to Devona Brown and we wish her all the best. To Ammara keep on flying the Zimbabwean Flag up high.

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