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Zimbabwe runs out of betadine and painkillers

betadine and painkillers

Zimbabwe’s top hospital Parirenyatwa has run out of basic necessities like betadine and painkillers it has been revealed.

The issue came out during a meeting between Minister of Health and Senior doctors on Wednesday. The doctors and consultants have put down tools citing inadequate equipment to use to treat patients and saying they are now producing deformed patients.

Commenting on the incident senior journalist Vincent Kahiya said, “I have been watching the live post of Senior doctors’ meeting with Health minister. How does a whole government let things deteriorate to these embarrassing depths? This level of neglect is criminal. No painkillers, betadine, syringes, soap, disinfectants etc at a referral hospital.”

betadine and painkillers

Businessman Mutumwa Mawere responded to Kahiya saying maybe the government is blaming Chamisa for what is befalling the hospitals. “What if the government is blaming you for not speaking out about the reality on the ground? What if the government actors believe that Satan is in motion? What if no one in government accepts that they are to blame for outcomes, however unacceptable and deplorable? Todii nhai Vincent?”

Parirenyatwa Hospital Dr Azza Mashumba broke down today whilst explaining the terrible situation at the hospital to Minister of Health. Parirenyatwa has no bandages, no betadine, no painkillers, no gloves, ICU machines have broken down.

Watch the video below:

Source: Bulawayonews