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Basic commodities are back on the shelves but prices remain high


Most basic commodities are back on the shelves despite still maintaining high prices which continue to present a burden on the consumers.

Most items, among them, day to day basics such as rice, cooking oil, washing powder, and meat have remained astronomically high beyond the reach of many ordinary Zimbabweans.

While most shops refused this crew access to film their shelves, the ZBC News established that most basic commodities have gone up by an average 80%.

A  kilogramme of beef went up by almost 100% and is now costing between $10 to $22 in some shops with a kilogramme of pork averaging $10.

Juice drinks were unavailable in most shops and where they were found, they were on promotion at $4.50 up from $2.60

A 2kg of rice is now costing at least $3.50 up from $2.10, showing an increase of 70%.

In this whole matrix, the consumer has remained burdened.

However, the price of mealie meal has remained unchanged at 4.39 per 10 kg pocket.

Despite assurances on improved supplies, cooking oil is still unavailable on the market probably highlighting the continued skeptism by the public.

Of worry however, were most large retail outlets that this news crew noticed were closed this Tuesday.

The price distortions arose following monetary and fiscal pronouncements which the government says are critical for the long term resurgence of the economy.

Source – ZBC

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