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Enzo Ishall attacked by wife

It appears dancehall artiste of the moment, Enzo Ishall didn’t have a Merry Christmas after he was viciously attacked by his wife.
Reports are that the talented chanter was attacked and left with a swollen face.
It is reported the wife attacked him over female dancers on videos to promote his new single entitled “50 Magate” on his Whatsapp status.

“Enzo Ishall’s wife is very jealous and violent, she has always been that kind of person before Enzo got popular and so she does not tolerate him mixing up with other women.
Aimurova achiti kuita basa rekuisa mahure pa status but Enzo didn’t retaliate
She has always abused Enzo when he was still ‘nothing’ because she was the one fending for the family but things have changed now as Enzo is now providing as he is getting shows.

Enzo Ishall

“Enzo’s fame has made her more jealous and violent, she is angered by seeing Enzo interacting with female fans or even getting pictures.

“Sometimes she pulls out a knife when angry and after Enzo gained popularity this has been on the rise.

“She just doesn’t understand how showbiz goes and does this because she is afraid of losing Enzo, she is struggling to cope with Enzo’s fame,” said the close source.

The source added: “Enzo didn’t even report the case to the police because he loves her and doesn’t want any charges on her.

“He is a victim of violence and some of the people in our area know that.”

In an interview with H-Metro, Enzo Ishall said:b”Pane zviri kungoitika but haisi horror stereki, all i know is ndoda mukadzi wangu.”

Source: H-Metro

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