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Gideon Gono’s statement on Robert Mugabe State Funeral

Robert Mugabe

Sunday’s National Heroes event is not a PRIVATE EVENT! It’s a national event. You can quote me. If there is going to be any private event, it will take place after the public send-off that will take place at the national shrine. The family would like the send off to be attended by all who can and so desire, without limitation or invitation cards as has been played out in some social media outlets.

RG was not, and can not be a private affair. He was not a village-boy. The funeral is not and cannot be a Zvimba affair alone, cannot be a Gushungo event alone, cannot and should not be a ZANU (PF) of Government affairs alone; is not and cannot be a Mugabe family event alone, is not even a Zimbabwean event alone.

It is an inclusive, National and international event of sorrow, farewell and celebration.
Former Prez RGM was bigger than any box we may want to confine him to and so going to the National Shrine, the Heroes Acre is not an option: it is something agreed upon by all parties to the matter comprising of the former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe and immediate family and relatives, the Mugabe extended family, the Zvimba Chiefs and their families, the Gushungo Clan, the Marufu clan, the Sekuru’s from both sides, friends and relatives.

Gideon Gono

All are very grateful to H.E. President ED Mnangagwa, ZANU (PF) and all other political parties, Government and all people of Zimbabwe and beyond for honouring the Legend in the manner unfolding. Any talk of disagreements or friction between families or between the late heroes’ immediate or extended family and President ED Mnangagwa and/or Government of Zimbabwe is FAKE NEWS.

The proceedings will go on in a United and well-coordinated manner, with each party to the arrangements playing their role as defined by the understandings reached by the Government and the family.

I’m speaking as someone who has been involved with the family side of issues from last Saturday to this morning and authorised to say what I’m saying.

Dr Gideon Gono
Family Friend

In other news – Mugabe to only be buried in 30 days

Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe will be buried at Heroes’ Acre in 30 days, this is according to his nephew Leo Mugabe. The junior Mugabe briefed journalists on the development at the former statesman’s Blue Roof mansion in Harare on Friday.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Mugabe died at the age of 95 at a Singaporean hospital. His remains returned to Zimbabwe on Wednesday and have been lying in state at Rufaro stadium. Read more

Source: hararelive