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You Took my V!rg!n!ty and Dumped Me– Lorraine Guyo of Ndinyengeiwo

Lorraine Guyo

The cold war between comedienne Lorraine Guyo of the Ndinyengeiwo fame and her former brand manager and lover Thomas Chizhanje aka CST has reached the tipping point with both parties exchanging harsh words.

Thomas Chizhanje

Last week it was reported that the two had split over money issues, a rumor both parties denied by professing their ignorance.

Thomas Chizhanje

However leaked chats between the parties show that money played a big part in their decision to split. Lorraine didn’t mince her words as she accused CST of soliciting se_xual favors from her. She claimed the social media influencer took her virg_ity and carelessly dumped among other things.

The two also had a lengthy squabble about money with Lorraine alleging that CST owes her money.

Thomas Chizhanje

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