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Harare CBD shooter granted bail


Lloyd Kobekile Moyo (24), the man who stands accused of gunning down a tout in Harare CBD following a parking space dispute, was given bail of $100 by the court today

Initially the court had denied him bail and he was remanded in custody until October 26 however the accused and his lawyers appealed the verdict.


Kobekile pleaded not guilty to murder and raised self defense as the motive behind his shooting of the man.

According to the state, the deceased confronted Kobekile’s sisters demanding why their vehicle was parked on his space without his knowledge.


He demanded the removal of the car then ganged up with his colleagues and threatened to burn the car.

Kobekile returned and tried to escape but was attacked. He pulled out his gun and fired three warning shots before aiming a fatal shot at the deceased.

Source – Iharare