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Jackie Ngarande reveals that she is a Madzimai: Pictures

Jackie Ngarande reveals that she is a Madzimai: Pictures. Who else in Zimbabwe can say that they get paid for being famous, only? Jackie Ngarande is quite a popular face and name in Zimbabwean circles. She is not only a pretty face but she has a big heart too.

he is one of the most beautiful popular girls in Zimbabwe. Jacqueline Tinovimba Ngarande socialite, model, and entrepreneur. she is one of Zim’s prominent women, everything she does or touches turns into gold. She is also an Insta babe and she posts pictures that really shows she rocks.

She is also a motivational speaker and she often helps her followers on Instagram by posting motivating quotes and captions on her pictures. Some of the quotes she posts are just life learning lessons and we love her for that.  Check out some of her quotes as we share with you her latest pictures as she revealed that she is a Madzimai, she goes to Masowe:

Jackie Ngarande

When the inspirer has lost her inspiration and no one inspires the inspirer then the inspirer inspires herself to inspire others.

Jackie Ngarande

She wrote: Chinamato chinoshorwa nevanhu chipostori chinonzi ndechevanoshaya🙏 😂Kusaziva mumvuri werufu😂 
#Kucheneramunamato #Makoremachena #mupostoriakarongeka
#mupostorianestaira #mupostoriagere

And when she is not a Madzimai this is the kind of outfits she wears:

Jackie Ngarande

And those captions that always draws our attention: Trust me …..That highlighter is brighter than someone’s future.

Jackie Ngarande

Style Inspiration @uyandam Fascinator @celebrity.zw

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